Zend Lay-offs, Prepare for acquisition

The breaking news are that Zend has fired 25% employees R&D department (Updated, thanks David for pointing that out), possibly in preparation for acquisition my a major player. Zend employees are major contributers in the PHP open-source project, so this has tangible ramification for all of us PHP developers out there.
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PHP CMS packages are bad, mmkay?

Something that keeps bothering me is how badly written the major CMS packages for PHP are. Yes, I’m talking about wordpress and drupal amongst others, that are so insanely popular but are just as insanely procedural hack-fest mess.

Lets get this out of the door – I’m an Object Oriented guy. I strongly believe OO methodology to be superior in so many ways to procedural code. Given that, I have seen procedural code that is very neatly organized (almost to the point that it emulates OO standards using function hierarchy). WordPress and drupal code however, is not.
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