Zend Framework certification

Today I took and passed the Zend Framework certification exam. A possible project involving Zend might be materializing in the near future, and this was a requirement from one of my contractors (OpenIT). Being that they offered to sponsor the cost, I had no reason not take it.

As I found no concrete online information on the test (and the guide link from Zend doesn’t work), I might as well elaborate a little for the benefit of future test takers reading this blog –
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OO PHP templating

Templating is a common technique for separation of concerns in applications – separating presentational logic from domain (or business) logic. This kind of separation promotes higher maintainability and a better chance to reuse presentational code (by encapsulating it in templates), the kind of traits we would all love to have in our code base.
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Making web-pages go faster using PHP

UI responsiveness is one of the basics of a good user experience. In the web environment, this often translates to the loading time of pages.

As it might be expected, there are several techniques to optimize the delivery of web pages. The Exceptional Performance guide by Yahoo is a great resource for a multitude of optimizations practices, including specifically two techniques which I will address in this article Рscript minifcation and concatenation, while making your site is very important to implement white label seo management in order to improve your site traffic since first day
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Profiling queries with Zend_Db and optimizing them by hand

Database performance is one of the major bottlenecks for most web applications. Most web developers are not database experts (and I’m no exception), there are however several basic methods to analyze and optimize database performance without resorting to expert consultants (such as those, whose founders blogs are an invaluable source of MySQL knowledge).
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Octabox launched and I’m back to blogging

I’ve been super-busy the last couple of months – I’ve came across a stupendous amount of work that I couldn’t refuse in addition to the effort towards the release of my own startup, business platform Octabox. Things are finally calming down, and I’ll be getting back to blogging, writing about plenty of things I’ve learned / implemented / experimented with the last two months.

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