Optimizing OR (union) operations in MySQL

In my last post on database optimization, I focused on improving query performance by optimizing schema – exploring indexing strategies by reading the execution plan. In this post I’ll show how different query structures can also have a major impact on performance.
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Profiling queries with Zend_Db and optimizing them by hand

Database performance is one of the major bottlenecks for most web applications. Most web developers are not database experts (and I’m no exception), there are however several basic methods to analyze and optimize database performance without resorting to expert consultants (such as those, whose founders blogs are an invaluable source of MySQL knowledge).
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Octabox launched and I’m back to blogging

I’ve been super-busy the last couple of months – I’ve came across a stupendous amount of work that I couldn’t refuse in addition to the effort towards the release of my own startup, business platform Octabox. Things are finally calming down, and I’ll be getting back to blogging, writing about plenty of things I’ve learned / implemented / experimented with the last two months.

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Almost useful IE replacement

I stumbled upon a tool by the name of IETester today, that is supposed to render websites in different IE engines from version 5.5 to 8 beta. It appears to be working quite well, allowing to open multiple tabs of different IE versions. Unfortunately its Javascript support is too limited to be of real use for serious application development.

Still, a nice tool for web designers wishing to test their HTML and CSS layouts against several generations of IE, without having to resort to hacking multiple installations of different versions (such as multipleIE).

IETester [via LifeHacker]