And google ruled the Internet (search) world

Google and Yahoo have just announced a search partnership that integrates Google adsense in Yahoo search and selected Yahoo sites. We went from a possible Microsoft-Yahoo merger presenting a front to Google’s search dominance, to Google increasing its hold on advertised search and starting a direct collaboration with its biggest search competitor. Google was the most dominant search entity before (upwards of 60% of all searches) and now it is reaching the status Microsoft has with operating systems. And we all know how that worked out.
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My partner launches blog, world peace seems closer than ever

My good friend and co-founder at Octabox, Adam Benayoun, has finally launched his personal blog after talking about it for a long time. This didn’t come easily since it took all the push from me before he considered creating his blog. The start was a bit rough, but he’s getting the hang of it.

He has a lot to say, especially when it comes to technological stuff. The guy’s practically a nerd. If you love that stuff, do give his blog a visit. You might stay for a while with all his ramblings and such.

Adam has a sharp business and marketing mind, so if you have any interest in hearing some edgy advice about cheap Internet business development and guerrilla marketing, subscribe to his feed.

Almost useful IE replacement

I stumbled upon a tool by the name of IETester today, that is supposed to render websites in different IE engines from version 5.5 to 8 beta. It appears to be working quite well, allowing to open multiple tabs of different IE versions. Unfortunately its Javascript support is too limited to be of real use for serious application development.

Still, a nice tool for web designers wishing to test their HTML and CSS layouts against several generations of IE, without having to resort to hacking multiple installations of different versions (such as multipleIE).

IETester [via LifeHacker]