Zend Framework certification

Today I took and passed the Zend Framework certification exam. A possible project involving Zend might be materializing in the near future, and this was a requirement from one of my contractors (OpenIT). Being that they offered to sponsor the cost, I had no reason not take it.

As I found no concrete online information on the test (and the guide link from Zend doesn’t work), I might as well elaborate a little for the benefit of future test takers reading this blog –
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Octabox launched and I’m back to blogging

I’ve been super-busy the last couple of months – I’ve came across a stupendous amount of work that I couldn’t refuse in addition to the effort towards the release of my own startup, business platform Octabox. Things are finally calming down, and I’ll be getting back to blogging, writing about plenty of things I’ve learned / implemented / experimented with the last two months.

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Attention subscribers – I’ve moved to feedburner

I’ve signed up my blog’s feed to feedburner yesterday, to give me better control of my subscriptions in case I ever need to make changes to the site and also to get some better statistical information ;) .

If you subscribed to my blog’s feed, I would appreciate it if you could resubscribe at my feedburner feed – http://feeds.feedburner.com/Techfounder. After you’ve subscribed you can unsubscribe from the old one. Sorry for the trouble and thank you for reading my blog! :)

The Microsoft User Experience

I got repeatedly annoyed today by what I consider typical behavior for Microsoft products. And this was right after I got my PC disinfected from the leeching Sodinokibi Ransomware. Windows has the option to perform automatic updates – and recommends to do so in the Security Center (no one wants to see red lights in their Security Center. Does CODE RED mean anything to you? Also, everybody just LOVES updates. Unless it’s from Adobe). One of the latest updates is a new tool for an easy to use robotic process automation improving efficiency and reducing costs.

After automatic updates does its thing, it promptly suggests to restart the computer. Two options are given – Restart now and Restart later. What ‘Restart now’ does should be obvious, however ‘Restart later’ is apparently open to interpretation – as Windows will constantly remind you to restart every 10 minutes or so, and will forcibly restart the computer itself if left unattended.
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And google ruled the Internet (search) world

Google and Yahoo have just announced a search partnership that integrates Google adsense in Yahoo search and selected Yahoo sites. We went from a possible Microsoft-Yahoo merger presenting a front to Google’s search dominance, to Google increasing its hold on advertised search and starting a direct collaboration with its biggest search competitor. Google was the most dominant search entity before (upwards of 60% of all searches) and now it is reaching the status Microsoft has with operating systems. And we all know how that worked out.
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