A web 2.0 business model can work, and work well

The term web 2.0 has been frequently misused and misunderstood, however it is more than a buzz word – it defines a very real phenomenon in which user generated content can be the driving force behind an online site / service.

Some very well known and successful online entities can be considered as such – Wikipedia in which users contribute knowledge, Digg in which users help others find interesting articles by voting and facebook which is the current golden standard for social networking (in which user generated content – UGC – is a given).
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My partner launches blog, world peace seems closer than ever

My good friend and co-founder at Octabox, Adam Benayoun, has finally launched his personal blog after talking about it for a long time. This didn’t come easily since it took all the push from me before he considered creating his blog. The start was a bit rough, but he’s getting the hang of it.

He has a lot to say, especially when it comes to technological stuff. The guy’s practically a nerd. If you love that stuff, do give his blog a visit. You might stay for a while with all his ramblings and such.

Adam has a sharp business and marketing mind, so if you have any interest in hearing some edgy advice about cheap Internet business development and guerrilla marketing, subscribe to his feed.

You Are Only As Good As The People You Work With

business developmentAs I’ve mentioned previously, I work freelance developing web projects in addition to acting as CTO at my start-up Octabox. Freelancing as a web developer is pretty profitable business nowadays, however it is too hands-on and technical to my liking.
I Usually ‘settle’ for the technical role as it is good income, but I try to develop my consultant persona as to hopefully provide mostly web business consultancy services as time goes on. It is a much more rewarding process for me, and I feel like I have much more to give at a higher level having acquired extensive experience and feel for the web entrepreneurship process. Continue reading You Are Only As Good As The People You Work With