4 days charge on an Android? Yes.

Most people are used to their smartphone lasting less than a full day. They plug it in at night and disconnect it in the morning. It might seem like a technical limitation of current batteries, but as it turns out, software plays a huge part.

I use a Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 (T-mobile version). It’s almost 2 years old, but can last over 4 days on one charge. Here’s how I did it:

  • Installed Cyanogenmod 10 ROM. I’m currently on the 10.1.2 version. Reports on the web say that different devices experience different results with regards to battery performance on CM – for me it gave a significant perceivable boost. Important to note the CPU governor setting (I’m running on Interactive)
  • Installed Juice Defender Ultimate. It’s the paid version of Juice Defender, an app that controls certain aspects of your phone in an effort to conserve battery life. This includes turning off radios when there is no data activity and other services as needed. The Ultimate version gives much more fine grained control for really maximizing the benefit of the app, but the free version provides a nice boost on its own.
  • Ran the Battery Calibration app. It’s important to run this app when you change ROMs, but I run every couple of months when I feel my battery performance is slipping.
  • Cycled the battery. After running the battery calibration app, I let the battery drain all the way to 0% (phone shutdown) and then charge it back to 100%.

Currently, I can go over 4 complete days (~100 hours) between charges.

Not sure why Extended Controls registered so high on the usage chart, because it’s merely a widget running on the home screen.

Since I no longer fear my battery running out as it drains so slow, I can comfortably let it slide to single digits charge – which seems to have resulted in additional perceivable boost to battery lifetime. When I finished finalizing the current setup, I would get around 2.5-3 days on a single charge. Now I’m up to 4 days. It’s interesting to note that discharging to lower digits may reduce the total numbers of charges your battery has, so take that into account.

GPS still sucks the battery and I’m not a super heavy user – so your mileage may vary. Still, 4 days is a nice achievement for normal usage.

Hope this helps fellow Android users – and share your battery survival stories if you have any!

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People wanted more details on battery usage, so I download and screencaptured Battery Stats. Those results are for today (the above screenshot is from a few days ago) –

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