Lionite relaunched! time to kick back… and work some more

For a long time, we’ve been feverishly developing beautiful sites for others while our own site was left to rot in mediocrity for lack of time. Now, finally, we’ve taken the time to properly redesign and relaunch our portfolio website, at


We went for an illustration-style design. Those characters are actually us (the Lionite team), building the site :) I am standing on the ladder to the right, in case you wondered.

The content on the site is still going through some incremental upgrades, but I really liked our designer’s rendition of my idea for a development iteration:lionite_method1

And how it integrated nicely into the portfolio pieces (inserting shameless plug for our startup):

Those icons are on or off depending on our roles for each project.

We are very pleased with the final result and we the feedback has been very positive so far. Now begins the real challenge – promoting the brand and getting leads through the site. Time to get back to work!

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