Octabox launched and I’m back to blogging

I’ve been super-busy the last couple of months – I’ve came across a stupendous amount of work that I couldn’t refuse in addition to the effort towards the release of my own startup, business platform Octabox. Things are finally calming down, and I’ll be getting back to blogging, writing about plenty of things I’ve learned / implemented / experimented with the last two months.

First I’d like to expand on the (soft) release of Octabox – Octabox is a web platform for professional individuals and small businesses, providing a complete informartion management and collaboration environment. The concept was borne in the mind of my good friend and Octabox co-founder, Adam Benayoun, as the result of accumulated experience in building information management systems for many small businesses over the years.

Octabox is a cross between the vast functionality offered by application platform Salesforce and the simple and usable approach of basecamp (of 37signals). It is an application platform in the sense that it offers many on-demand applications for managing information (such as task management, contact relationship mangement, whiteboard/brainstorming and much more), but the focus is on keeping everything as simple and usable as possible to accomodate the needs of small business operations (all the way down to single individuals – freelancers, consultants and so forth). It is our belief that this sector is feeling the need for more powerful tools, yet is reluctant to use so called “enterprise” applications due to complexity and cost.

Octabox now enters a private beta phase to weed out issues and to figure what features are in demand so they’d be integrated in the public release. Hence, the “soft” release – the marketing effort has not begun yet (as can be seen by missing content on the site). We are handing out beta invitations if you register through our waiting list on the site. Blog readers get special treatment, so contact me through the contact form to secure your invitation ;-).

Octabox by the way runs on PHP 5.2.6 with MySQL 5.1 with Zend Framework 1.6 as the abstraction layer. I have much to say about building a high-availability entreprise web-application using those tools, so stay tuned as I already have a couple article drafts on the pipeline on framework performance, mysql query optimizations, server setup and much more.

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