jQuery and Prototype the choice of top websites

Pingdom has complied a list of the Javascript frameworks used by the top sites on the web (top 100 in Alexa US, Webware’s top 100 web apps). jQuery and Prototype are the top choices, getting 11 and 13 respectively.

It’s interesting to note that Dojo is not even featured on this list, though if you check the comments you’ll see that it is used partially at the apple site (in the apple store). This makes me wonder even more regarding Zend’s latest decision to integrate Dojo into their framework. As I commented in that release statement (comment #6 is mine), I feel that Dojo isn’t appropriate as the default for the framework as it is more complex and much less documented than the other top frameworks.

As a long time jQuery developer I have no intentions of integrating a new Javascript library into my development environment, so I’m obviously biased. I still feel as though Zend missed an opportunity here to better cater to the needs of a broader user base and instead chose to prioritize its partners best interests.

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