And google ruled the Internet (search) world

Google and Yahoo have just announced a search partnership that integrates Google adsense in Yahoo search and selected Yahoo sites. We went from a possible Microsoft-Yahoo merger presenting a front to Google’s search dominance, to Google increasing its hold on advertised search and starting a direct collaboration with its biggest search competitor. Google was the most dominant search entity before (upwards of 60% of all searches) and now it is reaching the status Microsoft has with operating systems. And we all know how that worked out.

Should the U.S congress intervene? I doubt it would end any differently then when they tried that with Microsoft a decade ago. Some minor concessions were made, but Internet Explorer is still the most dominant browser today (though there has been improvement).

Despite Google’s mantra of ‘do no evil’, there have been past incidents in which dubious discretion was used. Google can cripple websites and companies that depend on them by cutting off their oxygen and removing them from their index. If even their biggest competitor can’t make a stand, who will?

I used to be a Google fan. I think their search engine algorithm was a true breakthrough and their continuing efforts to improve it are very much appreciated. They also created one of the flagships of modern web-applications – Gmail, which changed a lot of perceptions of what can be done with web technologies to provide an alternative for desktop applications. Lately though innovations have been scarce, unless they are related to search monetization.

Google today is the industry standard for search, a slow moving enterprise entity where once they were an innovative start-up with an idealistic mantra. It’s now up to as of yet unformed start-up to be the next market disruptor and show us how the next generation of web search should be. If history is any indication, it is only a matter of time.

(Now I just hope I don’t get removed from the Google index by the powers that be :P )

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