My name is Eran Galperin and thank you for visiting my blog.

I was born in Princeton, NJ, raised in Israel and now reside in Mountain View, CA.

I've been a LAMP stack developer for over 9 years (P for PHP), focusing on development standards, design patterns and open-source. I'm a co-founder at Binpress, a the marketplace for commercial open-source, providing a platform for developer to build profitable businesses from working on open-source.

I studied Physics at the Tel-Aviv University, I am a certified Zend Framework engineer, a stackoverflow contributor and a moderator on the devnetwork forums. I am also a user-experience enthusiast and frequent writer - I've previously written for Sitepoint, Smashing Magazine, Opensource.com and programmableweb, in addition to this blog and the Binpress blog.

You can find me on Twitter and

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